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A new cost competitive single point metering fuel system which will allow most Phase 2 Small Off Road Engines (SORE) meet EPA Phase 3 legislation without engine improvements or the use of a Catalyst
Main benefits of the TCT fuel system are:
  • Up to 30-40% engine out emissions (HC+NOx) reductions
  • Cost competitive
  • Up to 25% fuel usage reduction
  • Eliminates or reduces the amount of after treatment required
  • Compatible with 3 way catlytic after treatment with lambda 1 operation at all part load mode points
  • AFR control. Easy to calibrate - will allow SORE run lean at lighter loads and rich at high loads
  • Stable combustion at lambda 1 operation (able to run out to 20 to 1 AFR before any misfires occur)
  • Single point metering
  • Easy to apply electronic control / feed back control due to single point metering
  • Will operate on fuels like Gasoline, Kerosene (JP8), Alcohol, LPG and NPG

Fj÷lblendir and Tillotson Joint Venture.
Fj÷lblendir and Tillotson have established a JV company for manufacturing, sales and marketing of TCT for SORE engines (Phase I and Phase II) and two stroke engines. Manufacturing of TCT for SORE <225cc is scheduled to begin by November 2014. Prototypes for SORE >225cc and Two Stroke Engines have been built and are being tested - manufacturing is scheduled to begin by mid year 2015

SAE J1088 A cycle results on various Class 1 engines typically
show 30-40% reduction in HC+NOx